What Is Medical Grade Certification?

Hi everyone, I’m Steve with Dahlia Health and in this edition of our “Be Enlightened” series, we’re going to talk about Medical Grade certification.

Dahlia systems are built in the USA by Dahlia.  We aren’t outsourced or buying pads made by another company.  We’re responsible for the design and worked closely with biomedical engineers to make sure that not only our pads, but our treatment sessions, are based on peer reviewed research.  We understand our devices and light therapy, from start to finish.

Personally, I’ve been responsible for bringing over 10 medical grade products to market that are used all over the world.  That experience has taught me that one of the most important questions you can ask any manufacturer is “are you medical grade?”

We’re all familiar with Underwriters Laboratory or UL and every electronic device in your home likely has a UL symbol on it.  You count on it to keep your home safe.  And just like you, hospitals and clinics count on companies like UL to review medical devices to keep their patients safe.  This global standard is called IEC-60601. To achieve that rating, you have to submit your devices to a specially certified lab, like UL, where they push them through a grueling process of destruction.  They also physically examine the circuitry for specific requirements.  If you pass, you get the coveted Medical Grade Certification.  This process is well defined, nearly globally accepted, and gives medical establishments confidence the devices are going to protect patients.  Hospitals and medical clinics require devices to be Medical Grade.  They won’t buy them unless they are.  It’s that important.

Dahlia uses medical grade, 60601 power supplies and we’ve over designed our electrical wiring to provide even more safety.  Unfortunately, we’re the only company doing it.  It’s not hard to tell.  Just look at their power supplies like we have.  If it doesn’t say 60601, you’re not using a medical grade device.  And that adds unnecessary risk.

In addition to using the safest power supplies we can find, each Dahlia SmartPad has sensors that enable the pads to adjust themselves during the treatment.  It’s just another way Dahlia is advancing light therapy.

I’m Steve with Dahlia Health.  Be Enlightened.

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